Science Operations


The command modsDisp, run from your partner account on any obsN workstation, will launch 2 ds9 windows to display automatically the images from MODS1. mods2Disp will do the same for MODS2. The observer should run the command from a terminal window and it is very helpful to keep the window open, because, for each image displayed, a set of key information about the image: such as the filename, object name, filter, and mask position; is written to the screen. When doing mask alignments, observers can double-click on the filename to copy it and then paste it into the modsAlign command.
modsDisp (mods2Disp) may not start if it is already running on the same workstation. Check for any instances of modsDisp, mods2Disp or just ds9 and kill these, with any of the following commands, executed from a terminal window:
  • pkill modsDisp,
  • pkill mods2Disp orĀ 
  • pkill ds9 (but this must be used with caution in case other ds9 windows are running).
See the Troubleshooting section for more details.