Science Operations

Science Operations Team

The science operations team is a subset of the larger LBTO team that’s primary focus is the acquisition of science at the LBTO.  The Operations Team strives to advance our scientific understanding of the universe though the night time and daytime support of our users, through the work with our instruments and adaptive optics, and science produced.  Meet the team:


John Hill Technical Director
Dave Thompson Instrument Support Astronomer
Olga Kuhn Instrument Support Astronomer
Jason Chu Instrument Support Astronomer
Jennifer Power Science Operations Associate
Alexander Becker Service Observer
Andrew Cardwell Service Observer
Justin Rupert Service Observer
Doug Miller Adaptive Optics Scientist
Greg Taylor Adaptive Optics Scientist
Juan Carlos Guerra Adaptive Optics Scientist
Steve Allanson Senior Observatory Support Associate
Josh Williams Observatory Support Associate
David Gonzalez Huerta Observatory Support Associate
Al Conrad Associate Staff Scientist
Christian Villet Associate Staff Scientist
Steve Ertel Adaptive Optics Scientist/LBTI Instrument Scientist