Science Operations

MMS Known Bugs and Release Notes

Known Bugs

  • Masks made with Panstarrs images have been found to cause problems.  The issue is that Panstarrs uses non-standard astrometric header keywords.  This can apeear as a mirror flip in X or slits appearing progressively offset from targets when masks are overlaid on other images (DSS, SDSS, 2MASS, etc) or on-sky when data are taken.  SOLUTIONS:  1) Recompute the Panstarrs astrometry using standard keyword headers (more info on Panstarrs header keyword issues can be found here; 2) Once the masks are finished and saved, restart MMS, load a DSS image and save the images again.  If using Panstarrs you may wish to contact before the deadline to discuss how to handle the situation.
  • Reset mask on a new field is not robust. Quitting and re-launching MMS when starting a new mask is recommended.
  • Popups like the “Select Catalog” when saving can come up anywhere on the users desktop. Be sure to select the catalog to finish the saving process.
  • Auto-slit placement can lead to slit verification failure because boxes may be placed within the 1.8mm limit. This was done intentionally to allow users the ability to adjust slit lengths and priorities after autoslit has run.
  • Can not change a value in the priority column or create a new object with added priority when Priority Column is added via GUI. Priority columns are best manipulated in the users catalogs. But a user can manipulate this column after saving and reloading the table.
  • Drawing of windows around RA=0 can fail when dragging. When crossing from RA=0 to RA=23:59:59 the drawing of the mask disappears.
  • The order of operations is important. The telescope and instrument configurations need to be determined before placing slits. The drawing of the slits and labels depend on these parameters and the way these routines are written, these should be loaded first.
  • Only a first order calculation for slit overlap was done for gratings, and no calculation was done for the prisms. Because prism spectra map onto a small number of pixels in dispersion (~650 vs. ~5000 pixels for the gratings), it is possible to horizontally stack slits on the multi-slit masks to increase the number of objects observed. So order horizontal slit overlapping was allowed for prisms with no warning.
  • If center-slit gui is open when the user quits, then this will remain active. And if a user tries to center on a star without a mask initialized an error will be thrown.
  • Init mask without an image will throw an error. Close and reopen mms to resolve.
  • Loading an old mask and resaving it without can give shifts XMM and YMM values of ~0.01mm making the resaved mms appear not identical. This is well below the laser tolerance.
  • Once Status panel is closed it can not be reopened