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DX Adsec to be removed

Posted Jun 11, 2024

DX Adsec Removed – June 12, 2024
DX Adsec will be removed before SSD24 to address a potential issues with a board in crate3. The rigid secondary will be installed for the remainder of the semester. The unit has maintenance …

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DX LUCI2 DL and ESM unavailable

Posted May 31, 2024

DX LUCI2 AO and ESM unavailable (June 3, 2024)
A detached mirror in the pyramid modulator of the LUCI2 WFS was discovered.  LUCI 2 full AO and ESM will remain unavailable until a repair can be made.  This repair will …

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LUCI2: Displaced G200 Spectra (LUCI2 G200 unavailable)

Posted Apr 16, 2024

LUCI2 G200 Unavailable  (June 2, 2024)
An issue was noted with the G200 calibration during checkouts. While this is being investigated the G200 will remain unavailable for science.  All other modes are released.
LUCI2 Commonly Used Modes Released for …

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LUCI1 offline – FM4 motor not moving – Resolved

Posted Jan 20, 2024

Resolved: LUCI1 Offline – Failure of FM4 motor
LUCI1 is again available for science observations.  Some additional exercising of the fold mirror tilt mechanism appears to have freed up motion.  We don’t see any dropped steps in either direction now. …

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DX AO in Cold Conditions

Posted Jan 06, 2024

DX in Cold Weather – Update (Jan 6 2024)
The failure is linked to the cooling temperature at the adaptive secondary.  The cooling setpoint was slightly adjusted to provide additional leeway while maintaining the safety of the adsec and neighboring …

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DX LUCI Pyramid Rotated – Resolved

Posted Dec 15, 2023

2023-12-15  DX LUCI Pyramid Rotated – Resolved 
The DX SOUL LUCI Wavefront sensor underwent a series of checkouts and performance checks on 2023-12-14. The results were analyzed and showed that the performance of the WFS is comparable to before …

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