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Persistence effect on LUCIs

Posted Oct 14, 2022

There appears to be a temporary change in the persistence behavior of the LUCI detectors.  After an observation of Saturn, from data collected on 20220906 (simple sum of the dithered Saturn data), persistence is still visible a month later (20221013):

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Instrument Status Post SSD 2022

Posted Sep 19, 2022

LBC’s: Released for Science

TMS: Released in shared risk

LUCI’s: Released for Science

SX AO: Diffraction limited and ESM in all modes are released in shared risk.

MODS: Released for Science

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PEPSI Blue CD Position Issue

Posted Sep 19, 2022

The position of the PEPSI Blue Cross Disperser is unreliable and it is recommended to take calibrations before changing configurations.  This can mean significant downtime, ~ 25 min per blue configuration change if needed.  We recommend setting up such that …

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New Obs Computer Structure

Posted Sep 10, 2022

We have recently made some changes to our observing workstations, retiring several stations and renaming others. The old 32-bit mountain workstations obs2 and obs3 have been retired, and obs4 has been renamed obs-32bit. The former 64-bit machines, obs5 and obs6 …

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WCS added to MODS headers

Posted Jul 08, 2022

To satisfy the requirements that LBTO data archived and distributed to partners be IVOA-compliant, a WCS was
added to MODS headers at the end of April 2022. MODS data taken on and after 2022-04-29 UT will contain a
spatial WCS …

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PEPSI Use May9 – June 30

Posted May 12, 2022

Regarding PEPSI scheduling for the remainder of 2022A, the PEPSI team will be conducting their fourth and final run using the 1.8 m VATT plus fiber feed to PEPSI for their TESS campaign tied to ecliptic pole visibility. Their …

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