Science Operations

Observing Procedure

This section provides details on running the instrument, taking and checking data, and the appropriate calibrations needed.
  • Quick Review — A brief outline for experienced MODS users.

More thorough descriptions are contained in the following pages:

  • Software — Describes the software used to operate the instrument: the User Interface; the script engines and the structure of MODS scripts; the programs used to display images as they are taken and to align objects on the slit or mask.
  • Observing Procedure — Describes the how to setup and observe with MODS1 or MODS2 in Imaging, Longslit, and MOS modes. Spectroscopic standard star observations are described separately, since these are acquired differently than longslit targets.
  • Troubleshooting — Common gotchas and faults are outlined with their solutions.
  • Non-Sidereal Observing — A general link to the procedure for sending a non-sidereal preset, whether it be for a MODS, LBC or LUCI observation.
  • Looking at your Data – Contains guidelines to interpreting the raw images, instructions on running a quick look reduction pipeline for MODS1 full-frame long-slit and MOS spectra, and page which illustrates Image Artifacts and Features.
  • Calibrations – Outlines the calibrations needed for Long-slit, Multi-Slit, and imaging modes.