Science Operations

Baseline Calibrations

A full set of calibration templates with standard instrument configurations and exposure times can be found in the LUCI OT Libraries -> Calibrations Folder.

LUCI Calibrations


Instrument Configuration  Calibration Unit Flats Arcs  Twilight Flats  Darks  Photometric Standards  Telluric
Camera: N3.75
Mask: No mask in use
Diffuser: Mirror
 About Twilight Flats  Darks  About Photometric Standards
Camera: N30
Mask: N30_FieldStop
Diffuser: Mirror
Long-Slit Spectroscopy Camera: N1.8 or N3.75
Mask: LS_0.25arcsec,

Diffuser: G210, G200
 About Arcs
 Darks  About Photometric Standards  About Tellurics
Multi-Slit Spectroscopy Camera: N1.8or N3.75
Mask: Custom
Diffuser: G210, G200,
*Scale times for
custom mask slit widths
*Scale times for
custom mask slit widths

Notes about scaling library exposure times:

  • ARCS: Arc exposure times do not need to be scaled.
  • FLATS: Templates are generated using the 1″ slit.  For other slit widths scale inversely by the ratio of the slit widths (1″ slits should need half the time of 0.5″ slits) and also inversely as the square of the ratio of pixel scales (so flats with the N3.75 camera should take 4 times as long as the equivalent flats through the N1.8 camera).

The G040 grating for Ao spectroscopy is being installed in LUCI1 and is pending commissioning on both sides.  It is not available for science.