Science Operations


Imaging Observations are the most straight forward. 

  1. “Load” the Observing Script into the Observation Execution GUI.
  2. Once the script has been loaded into the Observation Execution GUI, confirm with the OSA that it is safe to slew to the target
  3. Select the “GO!” Queue Action Button. This will send the telescope preset and instrument configuration. The filters, camera, etc. will move into place as the telescope slews into position.  Once in position, the predetermined guide star will be acquired by GCS.

    The telescope will collimate, and once the wavefront sensor error WFE (circled above in the GCS GUI) is below ~800 nm, LUCI will proceed with executing the observations.
  4. Once an obsitem or two has been completed, view the image in the RTD and confirm the field matches the Finding Chart.  Fully completed items are greyed out in the Queue Execution Panel as a script progresses.  The LiveView Tab can be used to subtract two images to help allow faint targets stand out over the background.