Science Operations

Scheduling Tab

This is the top left panel of the PIT, when Scheduling is selected from the “Overview / Time Requests / Scheduling / Submit” options shown below the panel.

Please specify optimal or synchronous (observations need to be coordinated with another telescope facility) dates. Optimal dates should be given only for programs that need observations on specific dates, say to catch a particular eclipse, occultation, or other rare phenomenon. LBTO will then attempt to have those nights scheduled correctly if the program is allocated time.

You may also identify dates when the proposal should not be scheduled. Please recall many partners use service observers to observe programs scheduled during an entire partner block. Thus PI absences that can be covered by others should not be listed.

Finally, if you are submitting proposals to Multiple Partners recall that each proposal must be separately submitted to each partner during their proposal season (which varies per partner). In the Scheduling Tab you may wish to specify all the other time requests you have made to other partners, although please note athat the PIT currently has no formal method for submitting to more than one partner.