Science Operations

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File: Proposal files are in XML format. The “File” drop down menu allows you to create a new proposal file, open an existing file, close the file, save the file, or export a summary as a PDF file. You can also import or export your targets from or to a csv, fits, or tst file. You can also quit the Tool from this menu.

By opening multiple window via “New” option, you can display and work on as many proposals as you like. When opening an existing file, only files with the .xml extension will be shown. A file without the extension can still be opened by explicitly entering the filename.

Edit: The usual features are available in this drop down menu: undo/redo, cut/copy/paste, delete and select all.

View: Choose between decimal degrees and HHMMSS.SS/DDMMSS.s for your target coordinates.

Catalog: Select the catalogs (SIMBAD, NED, HORIZONS) to be searched for coordinate and magnitude information on targets.

Help: This provides access to the Phase 1 Tool Help webpage. Selecting this option will open the relevant page in the default web browser. If a page does not open, then try installing Firefox if that is not installed already.