Science Operations

PIT Release Notes 2017B

Version 17B 1.1 March 27, 2017

  • New query to accommodate changes in JPL Horizons query protocol. **Non-sidereal queries in V1.0 will fail** Please update to V1.1
  • Addition of Error Messages for INAF PIs
  • See Release Notes for 1.0

Known Issues

  • See Known Issues in 1.0

Known Bugs

  • See Known Bugs in 1.0

Version 17B 1.0 March 1, 2017

  • New TSIP/NOAO partner added
  • Several error/warning messages added to reflect TSIP agreement limitations
  • Non-sidereal capability expanded. If a name that applies to multiple non-sidereal targets is queries, users will now have the opportunity to select the correct target.

Known Issues

  • JPL changed Horizons Query sometime in March. Non-sidereal queries will now fail with 1.0
  • Some binocular warning messages are triggered or resolved inappropriately across different targets
  • Java Networking Error on Mac machines. See FAQ and Troubleshooting
  • On the targets panel one can not change the width of the RA, DEC, or PM columns.
  • On the observations panel one can not change the width of the Time, or Visible columns.
  • After submitting a proposal the PIT will disable all editable fields. In
    the “Submit” panel the “Submit this Proposal” button will turn grey as
    disabled and the “Open an Editable Copy” will appear active. With this
    button an editable copy of the submitted proposal can be created. If the
    user were to open the PIT with an already submitted proposal the
    “Overview” tab fields will appear disable, the user then should select
    the “Submit” panel and click on the “Open an Editable Copy” in order to
    create a new editable copy of the submitted proposal.

Known Bugs

  • Target files uploaded as tst or csv will fail if the object name
    is a number. This especially impacts non-sidereal observations where
    PIs have queried JPL Horizons in the PIT, downloaded the results, and
    then tried to upload them again. We suggest PIs in this instance use
    another file format and/or use a string as the target name./li>
  • Target files downloaded, edited, and then uploaded as tst files on
    Window File Systems may encounter errors. We suggest using another
    format offered (csv, fits, or xml).