Science Operations

Modes and Strategies

Modes and Strategies

The primary supported modes are:

AO Imaging: This includes imaging with LMIRcam and NOMIC both single sided and double sided.

ALES: The Arizona Lenslets for Exoplanet Spectroscopy which is the first AO-fed thermal infrared integral field spectrograph

NRM: Both LMIRCam and NOMIC have masks in their cold stop wheels that allow for non-redundant mask observations to be carried out. For each camera there are 12 and 24 hole masks, as well as partial annular rings. NRM probes spatial scales closer to the star than accessible to other techniques, turns filled-apertures into many-element interferometers.

Nulling: Nulling interferometric observations in N band to suppress the bright star light and probe for the thermal dust emission

LBTI is at the LBTO bent Gregorian focus. Unlike many other Gregorian focus instruments, LBTI has no derotator so does not rotate with Azimuth. This feature can play a key role in the science performed with the LBTI and data reductions.