Science Operations

LBTI User Policy

The LBTI is a strategic instrument on the LBT. While some components such as the LMIRCam detector and the AO system may be considered to have a facility-like status, the instrument as a whole is developed, maintained, and operated by an independent team as a scientific project. It is our policy to make the instrument as widely accessible as possible. In return, our PIs accept the following policy when submitting a proposal to use the LBTI, starting with the 2020A observing semester:

  1. The LBTI team shall be consulted prior to proposal submission through an email to
  2. Team members involved in enabling or supporting a specific observation shall be given the opportunity to be involved in the project, with the possibility of becoming a co-author on resulting publications.
  3. The use of the LBTI shall be acknowledged prominently (see below).
  4. In addition to the policies of the individual projects, the LBTI policy shall also apply to the use of NALES and to some extent to be determined at an appropriate time to future instrumentation making use of the LBTI architecture or procedures.
  5. This policy also applies to data obtained with other LBT instruments in parallel with LBTI observations during scheduled LBTI telescope time, in which case the PI of the executed LBTI project is also to be included as if they were LBTI team members.

Acknowledging the use of the LBTI:

  • ‘LBTI’ shall be mentioned in title or abstract of the paper.
  • The following phrase shall be included in the acknowledgements:

‘We acknowledge the use of the Large Binocular Telescope Interferometer (LBTI) and the support from the LBTI team, specifically from XX.’

(replace ‘XX’ with a list of team members involved in enabling or supporting the observations but not included as co-authors)