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The LBT-ITALIA Team webpage

LBC Manual OLD

SPIE article on Current Status of the Facility Instrumentation Suite at The Large Binocular Telescope Observatory

LBC Data Reduction with IRAF, Scamp & SWarp

The following are links to the SAO/NASA ADS entries. May require journal access:

The performance of the blue prime focus large binocular camera at the large binocular telescope
Prime focus active optics with the Large Binocular Telescope
The Large Binocular Camera: description and performances of the first binocular imager

SCAMP Documentation: (Software for Calibrating AstroMetry and Photometry) is a computer program that computes astrometric projection parameters from source catalogues derived from FITS (Flexible Image Transport System)2 images. The computed solution is expressed according to the WCS3 standard.