LBC Calibrations Database

This page was started in 2016B to list the dates on which LBC skyflats were taken, together with any changes to the instrument, such as condensation and subsequent cleaning of a filter or lens, which would render LBC skyflats taken before unsuitable for use with data taken afterwards.


Date LBCB Filters LBCR Filters Action (Sky Flats or other)
20160905 Uspec,B-Bessel,V-Bessel V-Bessel, r-SLOAN, Y-FAN, z Sky Flats; only 2 good z flats obtained
20160919 V-Bessel, Uspec I-Bessel, i-SLOAN, z-SLOAN filters cleaned
20160925 B-Bessel, V-Bessel V-Bessel, R-Bessel Sky Flats; star residuals even after masking in blue flats
20160929 i-SLOAN? filters cleaned; (?=the filter most exposed when the wheels were parked)
20161007 g-SLOAN, r-SLOAN V-Bessel, r-SLOAN, i-SLOAN Sky Flats; some cirrus
20161011 B-Bessel, g-SLOAN, r-SLOAN V-Bessel, i-SLOAN, z-SLOAN Sky Flats; very bright star which could not be fully masked in r-SLOAN and z-SLOAN flats
20161029 U-Bessel, B-Bessel, V-Bessel V-Bessel, R-Bessel Sky Flats in morning twilight
20161029 all all filters cleaned; see note in IT #6231
20161119 U-Bessel, B-Bessel R-Bessel Sky Flats; R-Bessel flats show 4 circles from dust or drops (not on an I-Bessel test flat). IT #6231
20161119 R-Bessel R-Bessel cleaned
20170529 R-Bessel R-Bessel cleaned after debris from moth (IT #6627)